Hey, Girlies!! Christina Georgiou here, 36 years old living in the West Midlands with my family Stavros 11, Kiriakos 8, our little diva Penny 5 years old and my hubby Andreas. We have been married for 13 years now. I am a beauty content creator. I have had a passion for skincare and cosmetics since I was a little girl.  I love how I can run a business and raise my three children at the same time. We don't have any pets, three kids are enough...

My goal is to inspire you to be YOU and also help you gain back the confidence you may have lost along the way of life.  Life can get pretty crazy, we can lose our identity by putting everyone else first.  So I encourage you to do something you have a passion for and enjoy every minute doing it. I believe you are never to young or old to follow your dreams, if it makes you happy then that is all that matters. 

This blog is for all things that I love and admire from mama life, kids, beauty and business. Enjoy the creations I make that are fast, simple and easy using products you already have or easy to source.  I want my babies to grow up knowing that they don't have to do what is expected of us but to believe in themselves and go chase their dreams. We all have one shot at this, Life... Now go be amazing.  


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Christina Georgiou

Building Confidence one woman at a time.