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Ok mamas, I hear you when it comes to us wanting more time for a little self-care now and again. Well, I have found a solution. Thank you to Rima Begum for contacting me and inviting me down to my local The Massage Company Branch for a complimentary full body massage. Hey, I am definitely getting used to this blogging life... #AD #GIFTED

On arrival, I was greeted by Sunny the manager of The Massage Company branch in Sutton Coldfield who made me feel very welcome. As soon as you walk in, you get a sense of pure relaxation. The waiting area is very bright, clean and very calm.

Sunny offered me a glass of water and handed me a form to fill out. This is normal and most Spas would ask you to do the same. It is a very professional layout, mamas, it isn't a spa so don't go thinking you are going to be relaxing in a bathrobe, sitting in the dark and just relaxing on loungers with some bubbly in your hand. It strictly massages and you know what? I like that fact it does exactly what it says on the tin. This is a type of massage you can go on your own and just relax for that hour. Being a mama of three, you don't get much time to spend by yourself. All three of mine are in full-time education which now makes it slightly easier to spend a little time for me.

So I was introduced to my Massage Therapist Stefan. Oh, you have a choice to request a male or female therapist at the time of your booking. I was not asked at the time but I honestly didn't mind. The Massage Therapist then takes you upstairs to the room and explains the extras you can upgrade too. I chose the hot stones deep tissue massage. You can choose from deep tissue, sports, classic Swedish and maternity. Upgrades are hot stones, aromatherapy, fantastic foot treatment and scalp massage. Wow, I didn't realise how tense I was. Stefan was fantastic, very professional and gave me time to get changed and under the cover on the heated bed. That was pure luxury.

Throughout the massage, he would ask how I was feeling and if there was any pain anywhere. He told me that my calf muscles were very tense. I think that was down to all the exercising I have got back into after almost six years of nothing. After the massage had finished, I was handed by Stefan a recommendation sheet and what his suggestions are for me and how many times a month I should be having a massage.

Once finished Sunny went through with me all the information about the membership. They have over 4000 members throughout their branches in Camberley, Tunbridge Wells, High Wycombe and Sutton Coldfield and over 450 massages a month from their members.

You can book online or just call in to book your massage. I have never heard of a membership massage before. So how it works is you pay monthly which is cheaper than a spa treatment and if you can't make that month, it will roll onto the next month. It is fully shareable which means If you haven't used that massage that month you can share it with a family member or friend. You can check all the details out on their website

So my overall thoughts, very welcoming, relaxing and I really enjoyed the massage. I felt relaxed and the few aches and pains I did have slowly eased off a few days later. If you are looking for a massage to help with any kind of injury, stressed related or advised to have massage therapy, definitely consider The Massage Company. I did, in fact, sign up with a Flexi membership which I know myself and my husband will benefit from.

Have a great weekend mama.


Disclaimer: I was gifted with this massage in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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