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Summer is around the corner, lockdown is coming to an end and it's time for a change, yep swap the spring for the summer beauty essentials. I don't know about you but just the word summer makes me smile and reminds me of holidays, the sun and the beach.

It's about smelling like coconut, all bronzed and highlighted out with a dewy glow. Pack the matte away and go for the dewy, high gloss or even glass finish. I'm thinking coral and pinks are definitely colours to reach from your summer makeup bag.

We may not be able to jet-set off into the sun this summer but we can still prep ourselves for the gorgeous glow we all loath for with a little faux tan, dry body oil and protection of sunscreen.

My five essential makeup products for summer are the following:

1. Bronzer

Bronzer, in my eyes, is the key to a perfect summer look, well, in fact, all year round look but obviously accompanied by highlighter and a dewy lip and cheek.

Bronzers to look out for:

Revolution Pro Sculpting Bronzer

It is such a lightweight bronzer, very pigmented you just need to brush it on to your face. Definitely enjoying this at the minute. With only retailing at £9.00 you can't go wrong.

Milani Baked Bronzer

I love baked bronzer. The shimmer within them is stunning and when you blend it on a nice tanned face, wow that glow is blinding.

Filmstar Bronze & Glow

So I have heard amazing things about the Charlotte Tilbury bronzer and one I definitely want to get my hands on.

2. Highlighter

I admit it I have an obsession when it comes to highlight. I can't get enough of it and if I was stranded on an island it would have to be bronzer and highlighter. I mean you can get a fab tan top it off with that gorgeous dewy summer glow.

Some of my faves:

Iconic London Iluminator Let start off with liquid illuminator drops. This was my first love to highlight. I just loved that glow it gives you under your foundation and over it too.

Spectrum Highlighters

When I purchased the Zodiac highlight in moonlight ( right side) I fell in love with a powder highlight. Then they came out with Oceana (left side) with the perfect highlight brush you can glide that baby on and get that WOW glow.

Reef Ocean Drops

These are so so sparkly and they go on your eyes, face and body. Don't get too scared when you first open them, they are a little runny. Give them a really good shake and you will see all the sparkle come through.

Illuminating Stick

What I love about this Makeup Obsession one is, you can use all over your body and get that gorgeous glow. The stick is perfect to just glide straight onto your face, or take the brush swipe across it and just go for it.

3. Dry Body Oil

So when I first tried a shimmer body oil, it was the beachfront shimmer body oil. It smelt divine and just glided on and left that sparkle.

Unfortunately, that was a limited edition and no longer available. So I found an alternative and can not wait to get my hands on it.

Bronzed Goddess Shimmering Oil Spray for hair and body

Now, let's move onto the lips, oh yes we need to keep them hydrated, shiny and glossy too.

4. Lips

Go for a lip balm which you can use on your cheeks. The makeup obsession so balm isn't sticky so works perfectly and has that dewy summer glow. The Revolution pro hydra lip gloss is perfect, not sticky and gives you the glossy look with just one swipe.

Pink and coral lipsticks are definitely my go-to shade. Try out the revolution collection pinks and the Floral Daze Dewy Peony Oil lipstick from Primark.

5. Glass Skin

So a Korean trend that we are quickly picking up on and going to love this summer. Get that gorgeous glowing skin to create that unmistakable glass skin glow by using liquid Skin serums and icy shadows to light-reflecting shimmer illuminators.

The Glass Skin collection from Makeup Revolution

A natural glow and radiance of the skin.

When I go on holiday I don't tend to take eyeshadows. But I always like to make sure I have some with me. What I recommend for this summer, always take a palette where you can create different looks from the same palette. The bonus you save so much space and don't take up to much weight in the suitcase.

The Bronze Goddess Azur The Summer Look Palette

Oceana Eyeshadow Palette

by Spectrum Collectio

Makeup Revolution Glass Eyeshadow Palette

Until next time...


Disclaimer: Affiliate Links have been used within this blog, which means I get a small commission if you chose to purchase from the site. You do not have to purchase from the link only if you want to. These are my opinions and my views on products I feel will benefit you too.


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