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So on the 27th February I entered the giveaway face Halo was sharing on their instagram page. It was to share a photo of you using a face Halo cloth and to use the #facehalo and #whoIamisenough then tag a friend in the post.

Then on the 1st March I woke up to a lovely surprise that I had won the giveaway and would be receiving a years supply of Face Halo makeup removers. I was so excited and couldn’t believe that I had won.

Yesterday 15th March I received my goodies. I don’t know what it is, but when I first heard of face Halo sometime last year I instantly took to them. I love what they stand for as a company and the product itself is just fab.

A non toxic microfibre pad that you can put into the wash and use up to 200 times. The founders Bec and Lizzy are busy mums and just wanted to find simple and easy solutions for us all with our busy lives.

How you use these pads, you just need water that’s it. I use mine to wipe off face masks and also they are fab to add makeup remover and just wipe away if you feel you need more than just water. I’ve wiped away a full face with just water.

Ladies they are fab for those lazy nights when you just want to get into bed without having to do the whole skincare regime.. but I do highly recommend sticking to your routine. These pads are just a fab way to remove it all.

So if you fancy giving Face Halo a try

you can grab some from BOOTS, BEAUTY BAY, MISSGUIDED and ALLBEAUTY.

Or you can go to and set up a subscription. Every 3 months they will automatically ship out to you a pack of 3 to last you 3 more months. You decide...

My sisters have already bagsied a packet each to try, that’s how much I go on about them. So I suppose I could give them some to try (Laughing).

Speak to you next week...


Find Face Halo on Instagram @facehalo don‘t forget to leave a comment below and let me know if you ordered you Face Halo. Don’t forget to just be YOU..

Disclaimer: I’ve not been affiliated nor paid to say the above, this is my genuine opinion of the business.


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