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Beauty Trends Of 2019

Ok, 2019 is well underway and the trends for this year have been announced and I am excited to share some of my faves.

Well, let's start with the Pantone colour for this year... Living Coral, I actually like it. Coral was the colour theme on my wedding day twelve years ago.

So let me talk skincare... I love skincare and I think yes it can be very overpriced, but can you really put a figure on keeping your skin looking good as we all mature? It is worth every penny to invest in the largest organ of your body.

This years focus on skincare is all-natural ingredients. I have a fab homemade soup I am going to share live on Facebook in February to help get your skin glowing, so stayed tuned.

Have you heard of You.ology? Well, you have now and get excited, it's going to be the future of skincare. You can create a customisable routine to suit your skin needs and yours only out of 40,000 combinations... yes you heard 40,000. How can this be possible, well we take a quick quiz and it gives us the combinations of what our skin needs.


NUDE - Is in for this year too as barley there makeup looks are definitely the thing of 2019. What are you thinking about highlight on the eyelids rather than on your cheeks? Yep its all about the eyes baby.

GLOSS - Lip gloss is one for the make up bag and its not just for going on the lips. Ladies, you can apply on your eyelids too. Lip gloss is very 80's. Bright lips would look fab with the gloss.


So the colour for this year is the natural grey ladies and lilac even though I am loving the peach styles. I think I need to ask my hairdresser and see what she thinks.


Well, we can not forget the nails now, can we? Almond-shaped nails are in with on ombre finish look. I was explaining to my nail technician, the look I got was like, don't even go there. Yep, she likes the boring old way lol... She will kill me and laugh at the same time.

Fashion is my favourite blogger's department Fashionlifeforward so go check her out.

Well, that's it from me, see you all soon.


P.S stay tuned, for Take Care February.


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