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#NationalLipstickDay, is it another day to spend your money?

Ladies #NationalLipstickDay is another day for us to feel empowered through colour.  I follow a fashion blogger on Instagram fashionlifeforward. She shares her passion of fashion through colour and the mood it brings upon us. So let me share with you how colours of lipstick make women feel.  We choose the colour of our lipsticks like we would our clothes we are drawn to and like. It tells us about our personalities and our fashion sense. 

The daring red, wow this makes me feel strong, confident and powerful plus its one of this autumn/winter 2018 trends according to Vogue from the autumn/winter catwalks at fashion week.  So if you haven't dared to wear red ladies, the time is now to get comfortable as its coming back strong.  You can just feel the sexy, passionate emotions before even applying the lipstick. Are you ready to bring out the powerful you and be passionate about your mood?

Lets go with browns/taupes/nudes - they are quite earthy shades and they resemble a warm, comfortable not overly confident woman. It is a shade that you put on to blend in with the crowd, not looking for any attention, just want to get on with your day.  

Oranges/Peach/Corals - Who thinks of holiday as soon as you see these colours? Which is probably why they resemble fire, sun and warmth.  This is for an individual who is fun to be around and has a genuine warmth about them.  The colour orange helps stimulate mental activity and increase a supply of oxygen to the brain.  Which is most probably why we enjoy this shade whilst sitting on the beach sipping on a mojito. 

Pink shades - Depending on the shade of pink will determine a kind of universal love.  Pink is most probably for the younger generation due to its innocent sense.  Although I do love my pinks and how it compliments my skin tone (pale olive skin).  

Purple/Mauves - Purple is a mysterious colour and symbolises power, luxury and magic with a hint of feminine and romance leaving you with some strength and confidence rolled into it too. 

So the question, is it another day to spend your money? Well in some ways yes... But ladies do we really need an excuse to go makeup shopping? HudaBeauty is doing a giveaway on their brand new Demi matte released just today. Sephora were doing by one get one free, Mac were giving away lipsticks. Younique were giving away liquid splash lipsticks.  So its a good day to go shopping.  Plus no women ever said she has enough lipstick...

Be strong, confident and wear your lipstick with pride.. Go and own YOU..


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