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Hey girlies,

How are you?... no seriously how are you? How are you feeling right now? Up until four weeks ago, I was feeling rather crappy. Yes I was getting down, my sleeping pattern was awful and I just felt so angry all the time, plus I was putting weight on which made me feel even worse. Yes, I blame lockdown for it. We have gotten into a state of mind of not knowing what was going to happen next so the comfort eating and bad habits start.

I sat down and I had a little chat to myself, yes I tend to do this a lot and it really helps. I told myself that "the only person that can get you out of this rut, how you feel so bad about yourself, is you." I was scrolling through Instagram and I came across The Bod and noticed they were about to start a 6-week iso shred challenge. I said to myself, "Just do it" So I signed up and four weeks later I am 2.3kgs lighter, I would have liked to have lost more, but I am starting to realise it isn't about the scales, it's about how I look.

Well, hubby has noticed a difference in my bum, I have been using the glute bands and I recently purchased the body bands too. I think I am going to cancel my gym membership, I don't need it. Checkout Arena Strength for some fab bands, that don't ride up and they stay where they need to be on your body. I have seen such a difference in my body even my bras are getting big. Yep, I am happy about that girlies. I was very well blessed but if I can drop a size or two I will be happy.

So what do I think you should do hey?...

1. Get into the right mindset - focus on you and just YOU. Grab a journal and write down these few questions and answer them honestly.

i) What do you want to achieve?

ii) How do you want to look?

iii) Are you prepared to put the hard work in, and stick to it?

2. Challenge Yourself - Find a challenge, app, Instagram, class, something that stands out to you and it answers the questions from above. Once you have found that challenge, sign up to it and get yourself prepared. Do you need weights, bands, mat, clothes? Don't go out and spend use what you have at home. The challenge I'm doing, you don't need anything but yourself. If you want to get bands, dumbells etc.. then check out the above links ( I am not affiliated, it's my recommendation) join the Facebook community group that is linked to the challenge. Everyone is so nice and you will be surprised how many are feeling the same as you.

3. Find the motivation - So you have signed up, prepped and it is the night before you are going to start. Get to bed at a reasonable time. Put your alarm on 30 minutes before you would normally wake up. Get up, get dressed, have a glass of water and find the spot in your home you are going to work out. Get that music on. Spotify has a fab selection of workout music. Now you tell me how you feel after that workout? Sore... obviously, but don't you feel great? Don't you feel like you have accomplished something and set yourself for the day?

If the challenge has a meal plan, I always look at the next days, the day before, so if I need to prep anything I won't be stuck in the morning, wasting time trying to prep everything and feel all flustered and stressed.

4. Keep a fitness diary - I have opened up a private Instagram account and have started a fitness diary. Maybe one day I may share, but need to get my confidence and in the right frame of mind to do that. I don't think the world is ready to see too much of me. In this diary, I have taken photos, of me before (front, side & back) starting the challenge, plus my weight and me sharing a photo of me all red in the face, recording that I have done that exercise for the day. Add what your food changes are in there. You add any type of photo you like, it's for your own record and for you to look back on how far you have come. Every week I take photos of myself (front, side & back) and I also add an image of my weight too.

You will be surprised how much change can happen week after week. I find this is keeping me going. Almost 4 weeks in and I'm seeing change, it won't happen overnight, you need to put the work in to get the results you want. If you feel like giving up, just give yourself a pep talk again and just keep asking why are you doing this? Then that motivation will kick in.

I am feeling more motivated and have so much more energy for the rest of the day. I like to exercise first thing in the morning, I think if I left until the evening I wouldn't do it and just make up an excuse. But I must say, I am so grateful to my boys, they can see how hard I am working on making change. The days I feel like giving up, they come and join in with the exercises to keep me going and motivated.

They say it takes 21 days for a habit to kick in. It is so true, now I know in my mind that I have to wake up and go and exercise. The days you know you have to be at work or be doing something at the time you have been training, do it an hour earlier don't do it tomorrow.

Don't forget to drink plenty of water, you will see such a difference in your skin too.

If you want to chat then I have a group over on Facebook The Kobelles Club (the girls club) we talk all things us girlies need to talk about. Come say hi... I would love to hear all about your health journey.. we are in this together girlies and I believe in you and your goals.

Speak soon




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