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Don't give up on YOU!

I don't know what happened but this week I got the fire back in my belly. Well actually I know why, I haven't been feeling myself in-fact I don't know just yet but I am having tests, scans and lots of blood tests to find out what is going on. I feel I have no control of my body right now and yes I have had to slow down and take a step back on a few things I love doing. Why? because I am not giving my all and putting my heart into it. So I decided to take a step back and take a couple of months away. But me being me I have found a new passion I am so excited to get started on.

Do you believe in the universe? Do you believe that you can manifest things to happen, come into your life? Well I do...

About a year and half ago I was thinking about rebranding my business, I was in search for the domain name it was taken... Then I had an email sent to me on Tuesday night which really gave me a knock in the sense that I am not good enough in what I am doing and sharing with you ladies. So I got into bed and asked the universe to help and guide me to what is the way forward for my future and business. Well ladies, on Wednesday morning when I awoke, something was telling me to check on the domain site for beauty and the kids.. to my excitement I saw it was available and to the right of it in small letters it said BLOGGER PROMO, yesssss ladies it was my sign that the next move I was going to make was the right thing to do.

I urge that you don't give up on your dreams, it may not feel that things are going the way you planned, but do you know what? The journey you are on is making you a stronger, wiser woman to get you to control what you need to do when you hit that GOAL... you know, the one that scares the crap out of you. If we don't get out of our own way, out of our comfort zones, then how are we to succeed?

When you have passion for something, I believe you should get up and go do something with it. Go and do YOU.. be honest, be yourself and watch where your journey will take you.

I am a mama of three, a wife and almost four years ago I decided to take a chance on me and jump into something I was so so scared to do. I had no confidence, hated the camera and never spoke on a video nor in front of a group of people, the thought of all those eyes on me... OMG!! feel sick just thinking about it, but forward two years I stood in front of 250 women and I shared with them what was helping me grow my business on social media, I flew out to Las Vegas on my own (no family or kids) to the most powerful women in network marketing event, WOW WOW WOW it was fantastic.

So ladies all there is left to say is believe in yourself and #justDOyou



P.S I would love to hear from you, so make sure to leave a comment below.



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