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New Year New You

Happy New Year to all my lovely readers...

So we have done it, we are in 2019 getting back into routine, kids all starting to go back to school. Mine have had almost three weeks off and to say I’m counting down the days for them to return is an understatement.

Now the Christmas celebrations are over, food overload done, it’s time to get back to normal but unfortunlately the January blues are going to kick aren’t they?

Over the Christmas period I was planning and prepping so that I don‘t fall into the trap of it all.

Checkout my 5 Tips on how to overcome the January blues and start as you mean to go on.

The 1st January is the day we want change, new beginnings right? So in order for change we must change our habits otherwise we just go back to old ways of thinking.

1. De-cluttering

Now the tree had died and all the baubles were falling off and just making a mess. When my babies were born I purchased a personalised bauble with the year they were born from mamas and papas but the tree decided to fall and one of them smashed. Unfortunately I can not replace due to it being back from 2008. Anyway back to decluttering...

From the tree mess I just thought it was time to declutter and also thought it would be a good idea to share with my girlies in my Facebook group too. So I set a daily challenge for us to hold each other accountable and day by day the house is starting to feel a lot lighter. I feel like I can breath now.

2. Diary

I always had a diary but never ever did much with it. I won a My pro planner out of 170 women, it was a team incentive. It is perfect for everyday, you can keep track of everything from financials, social media, affirmations, goals you name it. Plus I love the colour. It comes in 3 colours I chose pink of course.

3. Mindset

So in order to avoid the January blues you need to keep your mind clear and focused. I listen to a lot of motivational videos, audibles and podcasts. In order for us to change old habits we must create new ones. By doing this we need to learn to train our minds to keep focused. I use the app calm and it sends me a daily notification on mindfulness. That little message sets me up for the day.

4. Mama Time

Now I can imagine this one being quite difficult at times especially with all the kids around, but they are going back to school tomorrow which means it is time to get back into routine.

Take me a few minutes in a quiet place you enjoy in your home with a coffee/tea and a book. Enjoy the peace if it’s nap time for the kids.

Go and meet up with a friend and catch up over a spot of lunch or coffee.

I know a little bit of retail therapy will work now and again, so head out to the sales and pick up yourself a little bargain especially if you have some Christmas money left over.

5. Look after YOU

I know it can be really hard to do this but it’s so important that you do. I will be honest I burnt out the end of 2018. It was very stressful and I just didn’t look after myself whatsoever (probably why I’m so ill now) but it’s time to start thinking of YOU. At the end of the day ladies who is going to look after the kids, sort them out etc if your in no shape to do so?

Take up meditation or yoga. So my neighbour just starting up a yoga class and I’m going to take it up. It’s time I looked after me.

Meditation is very good to wake up to and take a few minutes to yourself before the house wakes up and the madness begins. Try the app calm first, or YouTube some light mediation for beginners. There are plenty of resources.

If you want a body transformation and feel it’s time to make a change. You can either sign up to a gym or better yet, find a beachbody coach and start exersising from home. I am starting the Transform: 20 programme, it’s 6 weeks of 20 Minute a day exercise. Now we are changing our old habits we can add this 20 minutes in right ladies?

So these are a few things that I have decided to make changes and commit to, in order for me to create a new way of life and thinking.

2019 is the year of hustle, if you want to smash your goals you have to make some sacrifices and keep telling yourself you can do it.

Leave a comment below with one goal you want to smash this year and let’s hold each other accountable.

Until next time, stay strong, believe in yourself ladies



The businesses I have mentioned are purely on reccomendation and not affiliated in anyway nor do I get paid for.


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