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FAREWELL 2019, HELLO 2020!

Surely I am not the only one that seems to think that 2019 has just come and gone...

What a year it has been, mentally, physically and healthwise too. 2019 started off with me having no sleep due to running to the bathroom every five minutes and it wasn't because I had too much to drink. I had caught some sort of virus (well I thought I had) but in fact, it was the beginning of my health issues, which found me running backward and forwards to the doctors the first few months of the year.

At the end of January, we packed up our home we had been living at for over ten years. It was our first family home, we took home three beautiful children and definitely had some highs and lows. We had "SOLD" it back in September 2018, we applied for our eldest to go to senior school which is why the move had to happen. December had come and nothing was happening with the buyers, so we made the decision to go and rent a place closer to the school we wanted Stavros to attend.

On the 2nd February, we moved out of our home and into rented accommodation, then a few days later our buyers had pulled out of the sale for some unknown reason. We were stuck with rent and a mortgage for the next eleven months. Around March time I really wasn't feeling myself so I decided to go to the doctors. I had tests done for suspected IBS which to discover I actually have polycystic ovaries and a polyp. They then discovered a shadow on my kidney but thank God it was nothing serious to which the doctors were so happy about. Fast forward a few months I had a colonoscopy and had polyps removed from my bowel and also polyps removed.

I started to feel better, Stavros got into the school we uprooted our whole life to get into and we finally sold the house again in October and completed on the 23rd December.

It was time to say goodbye to our home. But I can honestly say I am really looking forward to the next chapter in our lives.

Christmas was really nice the kids broke up from school and we kept them busy from day one of the holidays.

They went and had breakfast with Santa, cooking class and then they had a movie night at yiayia's (grandmas) house. We also welcomed a new little addition to the family, my sister gave birth to my nephew, who is absolutely beautiful and precious.

New years Eve came and we went as a family to a dinner and dance that the greek community centre was holding and it was a lovely evening.

We welcomed the new year in 2020 and took our babies home.

2019 was over in a blink of an eye, it was a stressful one, but also a time of growth, figuring out which direction to go for 2020 and closure of a chapter in our lives.

2020 is about FOCUS and FUN.. making more memories with the family and going on a journey for myself too. Ticking off the goals I've set myself.

Will there be challenges along the way? most certainly, but how can we expect to grow if there aren't any? Take each day as it comes and always show up as YOU, believe in yourself and your halfway there.

So are you ready to start your journey?




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