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So today was another day at the office.  I was asked a couple of months ago if I would model MIBAs very first merchant items.  Of course I said yes, then thought to myself as soon as I said yes "shit, what have I done?" So I didn't think about it until last week as the time was getting closer closer.  Anyway I knew some of the girls going and I had the privilege of meeting new MIBAs.  I drove over to Market Harbourough with my Costa coffee obvs... It took me almost two hours to get there honestly that M6 just never seems to get better, plus over sleeping didn't help the situation either.

MIBA merch is something I was very honoured to be apart of as they have teamed up with a charity called Hope and Story with every t shirt or hoody sold it will help to feed a child in poverty.  I met up with ten other beautiful mamas in business and it was just amazing to see a community of women coming out of comfort zones standing together.  I arrived to one of the Mibs home as she invited us all so we could have our hair and makeup done what a beautiful welcoming lady?.  When I tried the t-shirts on, I went into panic mode, I look fat, my boobs look to big I just wanted to drive home. I then realised that I was there representing mamas all over the world, I share how we should believe in ourselves everyday and yes I get paranoid about how I look, but today I just went with it, the ladies were all just so supportive. Im working on the weight issues but thats for another blog...

We drove down to the farm where the shoot was being held.  There were no animals there just a slight smell now and again. We just all got on with it, worked hard for three hours had a laugh and got to know the girls. Today was another memorable day that I wont forget too soon. Head over to my instagram and checkout the behind the scenes highlights..

#OfficeDay #Photoshoot #ModelForADay


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