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My last post was on the 8th August, two days before we flew out on our family holiday.  Wow what an amazing ten days we had.  We really enjoyed spending the much needed (over due) family time. The kids were fantastic on the plane going and coming back too.

Penny made friends with the guy sitting next to her.  She had him in stitches the whole flight out.  The boys were sat next to me and were just on their iPads most the flight.  We had a 40 minute delay so it took us to past midnight by the time we arrived into Cyprus.

Honestly the minute we land in Cyprus we feel like we are home. That hot air you breathe in as soon as you walk out those airport doors, best feeling ever. So got back to the apartment around 1.30am, I don't know if you guys do the same thing but I have to unpack the suitcases no matter what time it is... I made up all the beds as we were staying at the hubby's uncles apartment. It is really cute and has a beautiful swimming pool out the back with a gorgeous waterfall. 

So two days in the kids started to argue and were seriously getting on each others nerves.  I thought to myself "wow this is going to be a fab holiday".  But what was happening was the kids just adapting to the climate change and the time difference too.  They soon settled.  

When you go to the beach, do you feel that freedom as soon as you just take a look and listen to the waves?  I sat for 10 days just running away with my thoughts whilst lying on the sun bed watching the kids play and the world going by.  

Before flying out I purchased a product I kept seeing an ad on instagram about. It was The Fox Tan.What can I say? It does exactly what it says it does.  I have come back to the UK the darkest. I have ever been.  My inbox was going crazy whilst I was out there, my followers were messaging me asking if it really works? YESSSSS!! it really works. 

Three days after coming home, I feel so crappy, it has not stopped raining and its so cold. Yep I had to put the central heating on its that cold.. No exaggeration either. I have been seeing a lot of photos from friends and family who are still out there and I just want to go back.  But the reality of it is, I got to knock myself out of this and get back on track with work, kids, school uniform (don't get me started) and just the routine of everyday life.  How do you get yourself back on track after an amazing holiday away? I would love for you to leave some comments below. 

Tune in next week... BACK TO SCHOOL!!


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