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So its Wednesday afternoon, I am sat at my office desk looking out the window at the trees flowing backwards and forward in the wind with beautiful sun light seeping through. Oh and listening to my favourite tunes, I don't know why but today they have inspired me to write.  I haven't been around for a while, yes I admit I have let myself down infact the most important people to me who inspire me daily.  I had a coaching call a couple of nights ago with an amazing inspirational women Leona Burton ( founder of MIBA) she made me realise so much, to be honest its stuff I already know and should be doing.  But the way she put it across to me, I finally got that fire in my belly and the thought of failing sends a shiver down my spine. 

I want to take this moment in time and apologise to everyone I feel like a fraud, a liar... Why??? Because I didn't stick to my side of the bargain.  I am mumpreneur, a soon to be successful business women and I allowed a negative thought take over and almost completely destroy my entire business. Someone who I looked up to in every way demoted me in their eyes because of the progress of my journey and it hurt. I know I have grown over the past three years its not a plain sailing journey, so if you think by just jumping into something is going to be easy.. LET me tell you, your in for a treat.  It takes time, patience and dedication to become successful just don't GIVE up.  

When your working towards a goal they say always remember your WHY, and if it doesn't make you cry its not your why.  

Well I didn't get that as my why didn't make me cry up until I had my chat with Leona (I have goose pimples right now).  Get focused and in sync with your emotions and your why will soon make you cry.  I came with a mission to help build women's confidence back they may have lost along the way in life.  It happens, we are too busy always looking out for others that we forget about ourselves, Errr I am so guilty of that, the list goes on forever but I know I am not the only one that feels the same.  My business was a stepping stone to get back some independence, a get away from life, confidence and to support women, wether that be just coffee meet up, messenger chat or them joining me on my journey to me it doesn't matter because I help put that spark in them and the motivation to go out there and find what it is they are passionate about. I set myself a goal to help 100 women this year.  I will do it just watch me...

When passion is involved anything is possible.  Don't stop believing in yourself because of an opinion, take it on the chin and go out there and live the life you deserve, we are all entitled to it. But most importantly have fun with it and fall in love with what you do. 

Today is a new day, I am Xristina Georgiou a mumpreneur on a mission to support women find confidence to build a successful business from home whilst raising a family. A proud mother to three beautiful blessings who I adore dearly and I do what I do for them aswell as my husband who has supported me from day one and stepped aside and allowed to do something that makes me happy.

I am so grateful for all of them. Fancydollface is my baby and I love the brand I have built around it. You don't have to be a professional to succeed you just got to be willing to learn and grow.  So what are you waiting for, todays a new chapter in your book isn't it about time you wrote something good? 

Always remember to stand strong, believe in yourself and go chase those dreams. xx

#NewMe #ICanIWill


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