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Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you!

Wow I can't believe I managed to get away for two days, yesssss two whole days which meant I got to sleep over one night at Nanpanton Hall in Loughborough. I can not remember the last time I went to bed so early without having to scream at a child "Get to Bed" ask my kids thats the most common phrase I use lol. 

So its been a week already since I joined fifteen women at the MIBA (Mums In Business Association) Retreat.  What a beautiful place? 

It was packed full of training, I mean couldn't just get away from the kids I needed an excuse. The hubby was in control of them (he can see what I have to deal with) not sure if it was a good idea, I still got home to a messy house not what you want after being stuck in traffic for over an hour.  But they compensated by taking me out to dinner. Phew! I didn't have to cook. 

I have never been more inspired as I was in those two days.  Leona and Estelle were amazing as were all the women.  They put together training sessions that I think were the most important for us and our businesses. From branding, self - care, goal setting and vision boards, mindset, social media, photography masterclass, how to become an author, universal magic (Denise was truly inspiring and very passionate) to a fitness burlexercise class at 8am followed by mediation.  On the evening of day one we had a lovely meal and the theme was a white party.  I am so uncomfortable in white, not confident at all but I went with it and had the best evening, not thinking or worrying about what was happening back home ( I knew they were in good hands).  If I rewind back almost three years ago, I would not in a million years of gone to anything like this.  I knew most of the ladies but only through MIBA group or the book launch. 

What did I take from it? Well not only inspiration, new friends but these ladies showed me that my voice is just as important as the next person.  I should be confident to go out there and share what I have to give, plus my mind is always working overtime.  There are a few things I've wanted to do for a while now, whether time was just the excuse to not get it started or my lack of confidence in still wondering what others are going to say.  Well ladies let me tell you I soon got over that. So many ideas were running through my head and the other ladies got my vision and what I want to achieve.  They were all fantastic and just told me to go for it.. I believe in ME, but its time to make a tuff decision in order to go forward with my goals. 

When you have a gut feeling about something, just go for it and deal with it later.  Get it started and all you have to be is a chapter ahead of the rest, you don't have to be an expert you just have to have passion and determination, Oh and thick skin... You will find out a lot about people close to you are the ones that probably won't support you in what you want to do, but thats ok.. This is why MIBA is perfect, Its a group where we all get each other and all want the same thing.. Successful business and to share our purpose.

In order to grow your business, you must grow too. Self development is not only for your business but self care is SO important too. I put my hands up and I admit im guilty lacking in that sense, but I had a 1:1 training and I absolutely loved it.  Girlies it has been almost four years since I did any form of exercise and I was thirty six weeks pregnant.  I am full of flu typing this up, but it has to be done.  I want to inspire you to get up and go do what makes you happy!! Plus no one else is going to do it for me are they? lol..

Today I am clear in where I want to go.  Procrastinating has set me back at least two years but I believe everything happens for a reason.  My time is now... So let me ask you this... When is it your time? 

Stand Strong, Believe In Yourself And Go Chase Those Dreams.


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