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Over the past week all three of my children have been unwell. Thankfully back on the mend and back to School tomorrow. Yesss finally routine. If I rewind back three to four years ago I would not have been able to of stayed home with them due to working full time.

Taking this fab opportunity up almost three years ago (wow time flies when your having fun) has saved me this past week. What with you ask? Well I didn't have to call in sick, take annual leave or not get paid. I didn't have to ask my boss for the day off. Fab right?

What have I learnt over the last few years, that life is so short and that we deserve to enjoy every moment of it. I Choose FREEDOM, freedom to be there for my babies when they need me most, freedom for myself to learn to love myself in the sense of health and fitness (still figuring this one out), freedom to get the family and go see the world and freedom to be ME. What use are we to anyone if we shut down from the inside out?

I made a promise to myself that this year one goal is that I get at least on morning to myself and treat ME with a facial, retail therapy, afternoon tea with a friend something I haven't done for me in a while. What are you planning on changing this year?

Have a fab week and don't forget to be YOU. xx


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