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Today was a day full of mixed emotions, nerves and excitement.  So it was a mad rush getting up to Waterstones in Nottingham, especially in the Friday evening rush hour traffic.  Before travelling up there we had to wait for Stavros to return back to school from the pantomime. Yep they were a few minutes late as stuck in traffic.  We drove up there they all fell asleep in the car and woke as we arrived five minutes before it was due to start, which was shocking especially when we were sat in stand still traffic due to an accident at one point.

As we walked to the top floor of Waterstones we were welcomed by the lovely Estelle and Leona (sisters and founders of MIBA)..

OMG!! I cannot believe I am at the Best Selling Mumpreneur On Fire book launch, not any book launch but one that I have co authored with 19 other women, their stories are so inspiring and I am so honoured to be in this with them. I've never been to a book launch before, but I could get used to it lol. 

So we were there for a couple of hours, had the amazing Richard McCann as the guest speaker, wow what a guy? The author of the lost boy, I remember reading his story years ago and there I was chatting to him, I can't wait for the movie to come out. So the evening went on with us mingling with the guests and yesss signing copies of the book, eating canapés and drinking champagne.  Wow it was such an experience and I got to cherish this memory with the four most important people in my life. They had so much fun, definitely socialites my children are.

What Mums In Business Association (MIBA) stands for and represents is just what this night was about, us mamas building an empire for our families and they get to come along the journey with us. Ladies don't forget to stand strong, believe in yourself and go chase those dreams and don't forget to be YOU. 




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