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So every year he surprises me with the biggest bunch of roses.  He is a romantic when he wants to be lol..

 Today has been a bit of a crazy day, yep even managed to have an argument with him too. But we didn't let that spoil the evening we have had planned for over a month.  So it was the normal after school activities swimming for Kiriakos, honestly I don't think he is ever going to get over his fear of jumping into the pool. Any ideas or tips are welcome mamas.. 

The kids stayed at my parents for the evening whilst we went out to dinner at my favourite restaurant Gaucho in Colmore Row, Birmingham, Highly recommend it.  It was a full house tonight (wow love is in the air) I tend to just watch the other couples (not in a weird way, I hope) and how they react towards one another, you can actually make up story's in your head.  Come on, i'm not the only one that does this, right? lol So tonight didn't go for steak, went for the lamb shank instead, was absolutely beautiful but I wish I had the steak now. yep!!  So we caught the taxi back to Sutton to quickly pick the kids up before heading back home, yes they were awake on a school night at 11.10pm, oh it was a one off and VALENTINES, plus they only have two more days of school left until they break up for half term.  Today was a really nice day, I just sat back and just appreciated the ones I truly adore.  xx

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