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We Secretly Are Excited, Doe's That Make Us Bad Moms?

So where did the six weeks go? I am sure we have skipped a few days, or does it feel that days are rolled into one nowadays? 

My three went back to school yesterday and yep I sure did the typical first day back to school photo. Come on I'm not the only one right? We are all proud parents and if we don't take that photo what would we use to embarrass them at their 21st birthday hey? 

I know it can be such an emotional time for mama this first day. I get it you have been with your child day in day out for the first 4 years of his/her life, you have spent all that time bonding with them and now they are going to create new bonds with their teachers and friendships with other children.  Hey mama don't worry that feeling when your baby runs out to you at the end of their school day its just as powerful. 

So a few tips to get back into routine..

1. Organisation

Grab a planner, go to your local Poundland, this gorgeous rose gold planner. Hey ladies we need something pretty to look at right? 

2. Routine 

For the past 6 weeks ladies we haven't been keeping up with our daily routine, come on its impossible especially with the kids around you. I have been waking up around 7am every morning going down and making myself a cup of my morning detox tea. I have been making sure I have been having something to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  We did a big shop from Tesco and all foods are fresh, healthy and organic. In the evening I have been taking the Night Time Tea. I can honestly say I have never felt better since drinking these herbal teas, I have cut back the coffee from 3-5 cups to 1-2 a day. Not bad hey?

3. Pamper Time

Now I must admit this one is a struggle to keep on top of. Do you put yourself first? I mean I totally know where your coming from it is very difficult especially when you always put the little people first. 

Let me know in the comments ladies, what you do for a little time for yourself, I would love to hear what you all get up to in your spare time. 

Until next time, don't forget to be YOU. xx 


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